Our services

Welpa Trans CZ specializes in: Distribution transports from the smallest package to groupage shipments, this with small trucks with up to 3500 kg load capacity.
Full loads and part loads with international trucks with a maximum load capacity of up to 24000 kg from the Czech Republic and Slovakia mainly to Benelux and back.
We also provide:
National transports between 100 and 24000 kg.
Express transports up to 3500 kg.
Freight transport to neighboring countries and EU member states.
Distribution, delivery, and storage of up to 3.5t in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Short-term storage in Brno.
Your goods are insured during transport according to the international CMR Convention (article 23.3) and all transports carried out by us are subject to the conditions of the international CMR Convention.
our staff will communicate with you in English or German according to your choice, and your customers in CZ and SK can be addressed by us in their native language.

About us

WELPA TRANS CZ was founded in 2001 by two Belgian partners and one Czech partner. Since our establishment, we have been engaged in forwarding activities and mediating freight transport from 100 kgs to 24,000 kgs, specializing mainly in exports and imports between the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the Benelux countries.

From the beginning, we worked mainly as a partner of the company WELPA TRANS NV Belgium and provided transportation for it mainly from the Benelux countries to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over time, we acquired new customers with new requirements, and thus our competence in providing transportation expanded to other countries, especially in Central and Western Europe.

In 2021, the ownership structure of our company changed fundamentally, when our majority Belgian owner retired and thus WELPA TRANS CZ became an independent; exclusively Czech company. Subsequently, new partners from among the employees were accepted into the company, which strengthened our team even more and laid the foundation for the further development of our company.

Currently, WELPA TRANS CZ is a long-standing partner of leading Belgian, Dutch, Czech, and Slovak companies operating in transportation, but also in manufacturing companies, for which we provide both full truck transports up to 24,000 kg, and partial (collection service) + express transports from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the Benelux countries and back. Thanks to the elaborate national distribution network system, we can also ensure our customers' special requirements, such as night supply of shopping centers, transshipment of goods, domestic deliveries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, etc.

During its almost 22 years of operation, WELPA TRANS CZ has carried out almost 50,000 successful transports across Europe for hundreds of customers. Although we are a small family-type company, we can provide professional service and an individual and flexible approach to our customers and their requirements. We want to continue successfully in this trend.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements, and we will try to find the best solution to your satisfaction.

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